Piyush Shah… Marathon of Guinness Records


Simple Living and High thinking. He is the true follower of this mantra. Marathon this mere eight letter word Marathon. But this eight letter word has a lot of meanings. Marathon for starters is a foot race normally organized outside the stadium ,covering a distance of 42.2 Kms (26 miles 385 yards). This sport has … Read more

Ajay Chablani – Marathon and Me


Marathon is an extreme sport. Tata Mumbai Marathon being one of the famous events in India. We have heard that in every tabloid, posts editorials etc. So is life. In real life too we train over the years gaining education, learning new skills, perfecting our art in short getting ready for the world. when we … Read more

Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza (Pinkathon Ambassador)

Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza Who is she? Hello Friends you all know me as Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza the runner, Pinkathon Ambassador, etc. Would you like to know my different self? The Aparna who apart from being the runner and Pinkathon. How am I as a person? Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza a daughter of a Fauji. My father … Read more

A Ray Of Hope In the Old McDonald’s Farm.

McDonald’s is a name a brand which all of us are aware of. Its a Classic example of Economics, Marketing, Personal Branding, etc. Today we talk about How an ordinary salesman with correct strategy and planning rose to become the Owner of a huge Brand. How is Marketing and Economics Related?Today we introduce you to … Read more

Wellness Expeditions

What is StressØ Stress Synonym of Tension. Tension synonym of PressureØ Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical pressure.Ø  Stress has two facets.Ø  Stress which you develop in the process of building your life is good stress Ø Stress which you have developed to an extent which starts harming you mentally and emotionally is bad stress.On … Read more