Pooja Varma – Marathon Queen of Podium Finish.

Pooja Varma! who is Pooja Varma ! You know her as a Teacher . You may know her as a Marathon Runner. You may know Pooja as the beautiful woman who runs on the back road. Well friends he is all of that and a lot more. Would you like to find out more about her?

Born in a family of engineers in Rourkela (Orissa) and bought up in Patiala (Punjab). Did my Masters in English from Government College for Girls (Patiala). After marriage taught Maths and English to Higher Secondary in Mumbai. Took running professionally in 2017 and after that there’s no looking back. Recently started my own training under Bolt Fitness Club after doing Marathon trainer certification from ACSM.

My initial struggle with running Weight was my  main barrier in running, so initially I focused on weight loss only.

Running taught me to be disciplined and to not take health for granted. According to me a runner should be disciplined and focused. Hard work is also important to achieve your fitness goals.

Initially my social circle comprised of my friends from teaching fraternity only but now I have a wider social circle comprising of runners from all over the world .

When I started running I was overweight but running taught me how to lead a disciplined life by following healthy eating habits.

My main motivation everyday is to improve myself and to take one day at a time. Don’t take life for granted ever.

For me health is wealth. If you are fit, you can achieve anything. So always make fitness your priority and motivate others to follow the same.

Of course, running motivated me to train others so that they can lead healthy life too.

For me job satisfaction is more important than taking it as a means to earn. I train people so they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, I prepare myself for one event at a time according to the course and the time involved.

I like running on flat routes like everyone but I find trail running very challenging.

Bombay to Goa chase was an amazing experience where 12 of us completed the distance of 557 km in 52 hours.

Every organiser should understand that more than making money they should focus on the comfortability of the runners on route. Proper hydration and food should be provided to fuel during the run.

India has lots of talented runners. What they lack is opportunities and support. I strongly believe that our body is a very intelligent mechanism. If we follow the basic rules of wellness which includes training, rejuvenating, replenishing and restoring. We can definately flourish on international turfs as well. My mantra in life is simple living and high thinking.

One needs to be very careful when it comes to health. Our body is an inteligent mechanism it knows how to adapt to various situtations. If you choose to be lazy it adapts, if you choose to be active it adapts accordingly. all you need to focus on is discipline. Once you have your basic principles in place there is no end to what you can achieve.

Fitness is not a passion, its a lifestyle. we should treat our body like a temple hence we should take care of our body. running has changed my life for good. To stay fit. I am more confident when I go for my medical tests. Because when you eat right, exercise regularly, treat you body good amount of rest and nurture your injuries well in short take good care of your body you just cannot go wrong with your health. I don’t believe in denying myself of anything. I believe in living life to the fullest. My family is my biggest asset in life. Over the years I have realised that if I concentrate on making myself happy I can then make people around me happier. As a person I love to explore new routes for running. I love to dress up and thanks to running and my discipline I love the way I look. It has given me the enthusiasm and energy of a child. Sometimes I feel I have unleashed the little girl inside me. I am at peace with myself. I am blessed with a gift of good health and a doting family I can’t possibly ask for more. I feel being grounded and finding the right balance in life is the key to a good life. Extremity of any kind is bad.

The pandemic has shown me a different perspective of life. It was huge learning. Life is all about learning and rising to the occasion. The path to wellness is not easy. It has a lot struggle on the way but life is full of struggles it all depends on how you perceive it. I take it as a challenge then its fun. Its all about breaking barriers and moving on in life. I love to watch cricket. I love to spend time with my family.

Running keeps me sane and during pandemic I run to de stress myself.

Yes, I learned a lot about my body during pandemic.

Never take your health for granted.

I felt reborn. To improve myself and take one day at a time.

Family first but without good health family will suffer too.

I follow cricket occasionally. I’m not passionate enough to travel out of town to watch cricket.

I cycle too as a cross training. Playing sports keeps you fit and it’s necessary to play at least on sport on regular basis. Yes, my tolerance power is at all time high now. I like to meet positive people, who motivates you and give some purpose to your life.

I’m glad to be associated with Team FAB, which works for different causes to support the needy and underprivileged. I want to die running.

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