A Ray Of Hope In the Old McDonald’s Farm.

McDonald’s is a name a brand which all of us are aware of. Its a Classic example of Economics, Marketing, Personal Branding, etc. Today we talk about How an ordinary salesman with correct strategy and planning rose to become the Owner of a huge Brand. How is Marketing and Economics Related?Today we introduce you to … Read more

10 Things to know about Digital Deepak’s Internship Program

10 Things to Know aboutDigital Deepak’s Internship programme. Hello I am Smita Chowta here.Currently pursuing an internship in Digital Marketing. I am a travel agent by profession and runner by passion. So I have a niche market of Sports tourism. I handle the registration and travel arrangements for Marathons all over the world. Today we … Read more

Happy Dhanteras

Did you know that Dhanteras is also celebrated as the Aayurveda day? What is the relation between Dhanteras and Ayurveda? Lets read ahead and find out this interesting yet thought provoking legend. This beautiful day Dhanteras Derived from Lord Dhanvantri . Lord Dhanvantri is also called the Lord of Ayurveda. Interesting isn’t it. Dhanteras (Hindi: धनतेरस), also … Read more

10 reasons why you should come to India for Medical Tourism

Top 5 reasons why one should consider coming to India for their Medical Treatments. World class multispeciality Hospitals available. Top notch Medicare systems available. Well qualified doctors available. India is very famous for its medical Facilities. Lots of alternative medicnes available. Beautiful destination to explore. Kindly fill in your queiries. Our customer service executive will … Read more

Wellness Expeditions

What is StressØ Stress Synonym of Tension. Tension synonym of PressureØ Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical pressure.Ø  Stress has two facets.Ø  Stress which you develop in the process of building your life is good stress Ø Stress which you have developed to an extent which starts harming you mentally and emotionally is bad stress.On … Read more

How to Become the Millionaire Next door.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to become a millionaire? Interesting, isn’t it? What are the 10 things that come to your mind When you dream about being a having a few million bucks in your bank. How did he do it? What has he done differently than me. What is Financial Wellness … Read more

Visit to the 7 shrines of Mumbai.

Trip to the 7 shrines of Mumbai. its a half day trip which includes the visit to the following shrines. 1. Shitladevi Temple. 2. Siddhivinayak Temple. 3. Mahalaxmi Temple. 4. Babulnath Temple. 5. Tirupathy Balaji Temple. 6. Mumba Devi Temple. 7. Hanuman Temple. Cost of this trip would be Rs. 1000/- per head only. Cost … Read more


“Let’s Run & Pedal Together As “FIT INDIA HEALTHY INDIA” During this Pandemic let’s Spread awareness through this Virtual activity like Running and Cycling. This type of activity requires mass social gathering but due to Pandemic situation we wants maintaining the social distance. We are conducting this unique Virtual Activity in such a way that … Read more