Kumar Ajwani


Age                     :    59 Occupation      :  Self – employed …..Financial & Corporate Insurance Consultant Q No 1 …..Why Started running / Running history My current running activity has roots to my childhood, I would not say that I was athletic, but yes grew up watching tennis legends like John Mconroe / Bjorn Borg and other players … Read more

Jhargram Half Marathon 2021

Jhargram Half Marathon 2021

Jhargram Half Marathon Jhargram Half Marathon 2021. Forest Run, Trail Route, Running in Sal Forest. Half Marathon, How to get to Jhargram, How to get to Jhargram Event Type: SportsEvent Event Attendance Mode: OfflineEventAttendanceMode Event Status: EventScheduled Performer: Person Start Date: 2021-01-24 06:00 End Date: 2021-01-24 10:30 Availability: InStock Availability Starts: 2021-01-24T06:00:00 24th Jan 2021 … Read more

Visit to the 7 shrines of Mumbai.

Trip to the 7 shrines of Mumbai. its a half day trip which includes the visit to the following shrines. 1. Shitladevi Temple. 2. Siddhivinayak Temple. 3. Mahalaxmi Temple. 4. Babulnath Temple. 5. Tirupathy Balaji Temple. 6. Mumba Devi Temple. 7. Hanuman Temple. Cost of this trip would be Rs. 1000/- per head only. Cost … Read more