Piyush Shah… Marathon of Guinness Records


Simple Living and High thinking. He is the true follower of this mantra. Marathon this mere eight letter word Marathon. But this eight letter word has a lot of meanings. Marathon for starters is a foot race normally organized outside the stadium ,covering a distance of 42.2 Kms (26 miles 385 yards). This sport has … Read more

Ajay Chablani – Marathon and Me


Marathon is an extreme sport. Tata Mumbai Marathon being one of the famous events in India. We have heard that in every tabloid, posts editorials etc. So is life. In real life too we train over the years gaining education, learning new skills, perfecting our art in short getting ready for the world. when we … Read more

Kumar Ajwani


Age                     :    59 Occupation      :  Self – employed …..Financial & Corporate Insurance Consultant Q No 1 …..Why Started running / Running history My current running activity has roots to my childhood, I would not say that I was athletic, but yes grew up watching tennis legends like John Mconroe / Bjorn Borg and other players … Read more

Pooja Varma – Marathon Queen of Podium Finish.

www.wellnessexpeditions.com/pooja-varma-marathon-podium finisher/

Pooja Varma! who is Pooja Varma ! You know her as a Teacher . You may know her as a Marathon Runner. You may know Pooja as the beautiful woman who runs on the back road. Well friends he is all of that and a lot more. Would you like to find out more about … Read more

Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza (Pinkathon Ambassador)

Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza Who is she? Hello Friends you all know me as Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza the runner, Pinkathon Ambassador, etc. Would you like to know my different self? The Aparna who apart from being the runner and Pinkathon. How am I as a person? Aparna Bhingarkar D’souza a daughter of a Fauji. My father … Read more

Deccan Ultra 2021 February 13 -14th l 4:00am ist (Ahmednagar)


EVENT INFORMATION India, a land of diverse terrain, ranging from the rocky faces of the Himalayas to the forested slopes of the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats, offers grueling and challenging race routes.With the Deccan Ultra, we introduce trails nestled deep within the Sahyadri Range, offering mesmerizing views of the Deccan Plateau. The Deccan Ultra … Read more

Jhargram Half Marathon 2021

Jhargram Half Marathon 2021

Jhargram Half Marathon Jhargram Half Marathon 2021. Forest Run, Trail Route, Running in Sal Forest. Half Marathon, How to get to Jhargram, How to get to Jhargram Event Type: SportsEvent Event Attendance Mode: OfflineEventAttendanceMode Event Status: EventScheduled Performer: Person Start Date: 2021-01-24 06:00 End Date: 2021-01-24 10:30 Availability: InStock Availability Starts: 2021-01-24T06:00:00 24th Jan 2021 … Read more