Arun Bhardwaj (First Indian Ultra marathon Runner).

Fondly called the forest gump of India. He is the first Ultra Marathon runner of India. For starters A full marathon distance is 42.2 kms any distance more than a full Marathon is called the Ultra marathon. He is the first Indian to complete the worlds toughest Marathon in the world. The Bad Water Marathon in California. Its also called the death valley. Its a very tough marathon to conquer the temperature runs upto 50 degrees and above. One of the common occurance during this crazy Marathon is the soles of your shoes begin to melt due to the heat. He is the first Indian to attempt and first Indian to complete it. After him Mr. Piyush Shah from Ahmedabad attempted but he couldnt complete it. Followed By Breeze Sharma, Raj Vadgama, and the latest was Sunil Sharma from Chandigarh who is the fastest Indian to complete the Bad water Marathon. He has a very interesting story to narrate about how how began his running Journey. He lives in Delhi working for the planning comminsion for the Indian Army.

Arun Bhardwaj is an UltraMarathon runner from Delhi. Ultra Marathon run means any distance above the full Marathon distance is called the Ultra Marathon. He is one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance runners from India.

He is the best multiday runners of India as well whole South Asian region.He was the first Indian to run over 100 miles within a time frame of 24 hours first on treadmill (2007 , 102 miles, New delhi)and then on road 2009, 110 miles, Athens international Marathon 24 hr race).

He was the first Indian to complete the Badwater UltraMarathon in 2011. As per National Geographics, it is the toughest organised footrace on the planet. It is a 135 miles distance (217 km) non-stop race takes plce in the Death valley california where the temperature at midnigth was 44 Degrees Celcius and at noon it goes upto 55 degrees celcius. This race starts at 282 feet below sea level and terminates at 8000ft over Mt. Whitney. to know more about Arun Bhardwaj.

Arun Kumar Bhardwaj


Date of Birth: 24 February, 1969

Birth Place: Village Baoli, Distt. Baghpat. UP.

Address: 445, Bharthal, Dwarka-II, Sec.-26, New Delhi-110075

 Education: B.Com from Delhi University

Height: 5 feet 8 inch

Weight: 67 kg                                       

Family: Wife: Teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya; 2 Daughters and 1 son

Years running: On and off for 22 years. Ultras: 20 years

Achievements :

Only International multiday runner from India.

Only Indian winner of international multiday race .

12760 kilometres covered so far in Int’l Races.

List of various Multi Day Marathons run by Arun Bhardwaj.

  • 170+ km in 23.25 hours on 28-29 July 2000 (solo run from Haridwar to Pura Mahadev. Baghpat, UP)
  • 138.172 km in IAU Asia 24 hr Track Championships in Taiwan on 2-3 March 2002 (9th place). First Indian representative in any 24 hr Ultra Marathon
  • 492 km in Australian 6-Day Race 17-23 Nov. 2002   (15th Place/17 runners)
  • 516 km in Self-Transcendence 6-Days race, New York 27 April-3 May 2003 and became the first Indian to cross 500 km in a 6-Days race (7th Place)
  • 520 km in Copenhagen 6-Days challenge, Denmark 3- 9 August 2003 (4th place).
  • Finished IAU 100 Km World Cup 2003, Taiwan 16.11.2003.Became first ever Indian to participate in a 100 Km World Cup
  • 501 km in International Six Days Running Championship, Mexico on 22-28 March 2004 (4th place in age category and 8th Place in general).
  • 532.8km in Erkrath International6-day race, Germany 1-8 August 2004. Placed 15th. New Indian Record
  • 550 km in 122.45 hr Delhi to Chandigarh and back
  • MIR Marathon, Moscow, finished in 3.56.45 in -4 Deg. Celsius and Rain. It was my first marathon.
  • 153km in 24 hr Open Championship of Russia, 7 -8May 2005. 3rd place in age category.
  • 558km in 20th Australian Six Days Race, 20-26 November 2005. New Indian & South Asian Record
  • 521 km in Greek 7-Day Race, April 1-8 2006 (on a hilly course)
  • 531 km in 7-Days Race, Athens (2007). South Asian record for 7-days race
  • 210 km in 31.20 hr (Thar Desert Race, Rajasthan. 28-29 Dec. 2009)
  • 146km in 24hr Commonwealth Ultramarathon Championships, England (2009)
  • 155 km in 24hr Commonwealth Ultramarathon Championships, Wales (2011)
  • 567 km in Six Day Race, South Africa (29/March to 4/April 2010) 1st Position . (First ever Indian to win any 6-Day Race) ( First ever Indian to cross 350 miles in 6-days) (First ever South Asian also) (38th athlete to enter South Africa 350 club & first ever Indian & Asian).
  • 186.4 km , 4-5 December 2010, Kolkata. National record ratified by Bengal Olympic Association.
  • 217km. Badwater Ultramarathon 2011, Death Valley, California. First  Indian  finisher in 41.06 hours. Badwater Ultramarathon is the toughest footrace on the earth as per National Geographic.
  • 295km in 72hr race – Athens 2012  –  2nd place.
  • 508km in 6-Days race- South Africa 2013 – 3rd place in Men’s category.
  • 4100km in 61 Days.. Kargil to Kanyakumari (via Leh) from 1st October to 30th November 2012. First person in the world to run across India.
  • 508.2km in 6-Day race, South Africa – 3rd Place overall and 2nd place in men’s category.
  • 171km on treadmill in 24 hours (August 2014. at Hyderabad Marathon expo)
  • 254 km in 49.55 hours. Delhi to Chandigarh 23 – 25 April, 2015 (Course record for solo run) Sponsored by Garmin
  • 177.2 km ( 1st Place) 24 hr Ultra Marathon, Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore August 1-2, 2015.
  • 225 km in 36 hrs on treadmill at Airtel Hyderabad Marathon on 28-29, 2015. Indian record.
  • 325.770 km in 3-Day race in Icarus Florida Ultrafest, USA 19-22 November 2015 – 1st Position.
  • 547 km in 6-Day race in New York, USA April 2016.
  • 326 km in 3-Day race in New Jersey, USA MAY 2016. 11th Position out of 57. Indian Record for 3-days race.
  • 741.097km in Sri Chinmoy 10Day race New York, USA during 17-27 April 2017. (New 10-Day Indian record).
  • 82.076km in 12hr race of NJ trailseries, New Jersey, USA on May, 20-21, 2017. 3rd Place.
  • 466.464km in 6day race of Icarus Florida Ultrafest, Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA from November 13-19, 2017. 6th place out of 11.
  • 755km in 10day race, New York from April 17-27, 2018. New Indian and South Asian record.
  • 250.5km in 36hr Bangalore stadium race on 4-5 August 2018. First place and Indian record.
  • 759.6km in 10day race, New York from 22.4 to 2.5.2019. New Indian Record.
  • 326 km in Bengaluru 72hr Endurance Run from 15 to 18 August 2019. First place.
  • 266.5km. Beebe Farm 48hr Run, Vermont, USA from 27 to 29 September 2019. FIRST PLACE & COURSE RECORD.

Typical training: It varies.  Normally I try to keep it around 150 km / week.  

Injury history:  Have undergone four major surgeries of Parotid Tumor between 14 and 17 years of age. I was very weak from my childhood, from the age of 6 to 19 yrs; I was a victim of malaria every year in rainy season. My body weight was only 26 kg when I was 14 years of age and 35 kg at 17 yrs. I, always, was the weakest boy of the class in school time

Favorite ultra foods: vegan & teetotaler. Honey, fruit juice, banana and sugar cane.

Things I like most about ultra: Traveling, getting to make new friends. It gives opportunity to explore the unknown inner world and give spiritual ecstasy. I like my tears most during my ultras, I love them.

Things I hate most about ultras:Leaving my kids waiting for me

What got me started doing ultras: To produce myself as an example before my daughter that ‘Impossible is Nothing’ for a willing heart.

Why I do ultras: I enjoy pushing myself to my limits. I am the only ultra marathon runner in India, a country of more than 1 billion people and one can understand the difficulties I’ve faced in continuing my passion . But I always knew that my story will become a great source of inspiration for coming generations and that would be the greatest reward. Also, the pure spirit I found in Ultra Marathoners is matchless, celestial and I want to be a part of them. When you run beyond the imagination and beat your own bests, it gives a special sense of exceeding.

What is next:  Mumbai to Nasik to Pune to Mumbai…a non stop run starting kn 31st January 2020.

Favourite ultra quotes:

“Never Give Up”. “If you have indomitable will-power then Impossibility-gate is not an obstruction.”

“When you believe then you can do it. Do you believe?”

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