Ajay Chablani – Marathon and Me

Marathon is an extreme sport. Tata Mumbai Marathon being one of the famous events in India. We have heard that in every tabloid, posts editorials etc. So is life. In real life too we train over the years gaining education, learning new skills, perfecting our art in short getting ready for the world. when we are getting ready to face the world we just have one goal we need to do well in life to provide a good life rather a better life than we had . In short we try to achieve a better version of ourselves, isn’t it? So how is Marathon different than real life. Life is a game play it. But in this game of life you need to remember your body is your best friend and we need to bear the fact in mind if you treat it well it will support you if you ill treat it it will retaliate back in a very bad way. We have a few marathon runners we like to introduce you to who have beaten the badwagon professionally as well.

Hello friends,let’s me introduce Mr.Ajay Chablani,he is one of the many faces you see running on the Bandra Worli sea link, Mumbai during the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Marathon is considered to be one of the extreme sports. What they forgot to mention was, it’s also one of the most addictive sports. Running a Marathon is not something you wake up one day and decide, hey I am gonna run a Marathon today. It doesn’t work like that. Marathon running includes a lot of discipline, training,hard work, setting short term goals, overcoming them, heartbreaks, strategy,planning, and breaking multiple physical as mental blocks.

Let’s hear what Ajay has to share. I began running purely out of the love for the sport. Out of respect for all the changes I have brought about in my life when I began running.everything its done to me after I began running. I have done ,my B.Tech,textile engineering .. I used to play soccer in school work in the retail industry. I have an apparel business. 

    Even being over wieght, it was tough to run,by regular practice and determination I managed to run for almost 5 years half marathon in Mumbai. It has changed a lot of things in my life.Running has changed me for good. It has changed my outlook completely and made me realize life is long haul and one has to be at it.There is no short cut in life nor in running for marathon. I have learnt from this that never give up if you wanna achieve anything in your life.

     The main thing to earn or to achieve your goals in your life is to have discipline,consistency,hardwork and determination towards your work. This will help you to achieve goals in your life n it will also help you in your daily life. Lots of colleagues in office got inspired and start running. We have an amazing bond as runners. 

    Because of running life has changed alot and my family is proud of me. I am just focusing on doing much better than last year running is motivating me a lot in my life I am just thinking postivily that I will look forward for no competition I will just geting better and improvise myself the main goal is to never give up,be at it. Work health  family plays an important role. Running is addictive to me if I don’t run or exercise my productivity comes down. Running is important for in life.

    Being healthy is very important. Fit or being healthy running and exercising is very important for running and exercising you can take help of the coach. With a couch you can exercise in a structured manner.Yes couching is very important for marathon. In the marathon you can enjoy the run ad finish the marathon without any injury.I am couching for last 6 years 

    Tata Mumbai Marathon is the best in terms of the crowd support and scenic route. Fitness,health,happiness,wellness,passion is all that you need for marathon. I am just concentrating to spend more of the quality time with the family. Family encourages me for my passion. They don’t like to run one should know how to encourage your passion.

    You should get doctor checkup atleast once a week to keep your self healthy you should regularly walk or run. Yes even i do handle my own bussiness beside the marathon but I don’t like to work from home. Work should always be done from office in our business it reduces travelling .

    Health is the most important thing. Emotion and health plays an important role in your business they both are the important as things do depend on your emotion and health.I do have my other hobbies also which includes soccer and cricket. 

    Technology has helped alot of people to approch us for marathon through online. There are many people happy through online approch as they got some offers. Yes even technolgy plays an important role as they give them daily and regular updates to our customers. 

Do let me know if you wish to connect with me for a run. I would love to meet you and share your insights about running too.

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